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What's it like as a career?

I've been a tour guide, but when disability killed the walking part of my future in walking tours, I've been looking at other things to perhaps do. And I've been finding that there are soooo few travel agents who are really up on the issues of disabled travel, so I have to do virtually everything myself anyway. (Am currently on the other side of the world from my residence, in Australia the past two weeks but I live in London. Going to Singapore next week...)

Does anyone here work as an independent travel agent? I don't mean like those scams to get a card just so you can get cheap flights but real work with real clients. I'm very tempted to set up as a part time independent agent specializing in disabled travel, but have nooooo idea how one would go about that or whether it would be worthwhile financially. (I currently don't work since I can't find a work-from-home job, so it's not like I would be giving up another salary, just that I presume there are heavy costs involved in starting up.)

I'm also working on writing travel guidebooks, but to be honest I've been working on them for years and never finish, then by the time I get back to it all the info is out of date, so it's a never ending cycle. I hope that this will be the year that I do get something out, even if it's just a good website. But I do arrange travel for dozens of friends and most of my family by knowing several dozen travel websites intimately, and have quite a reputation for travel agenting even though I'm not really a travel agent.

Anyway, any advice/information would be appreciated!
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