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The travel agencys caffe

Hey.. Do you want a cup of coffee

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This comunity is for all travel agent who want to realate with other travel agent it's like a little cafe where you can find people all arround the world to cooperate with to ask to talk with about your job details or even funny things that happend to you on your career you can even post your latest programms that you would like to present to other members ... and not just that ... if you are a student of a travel systeme such as Iata programms or even just someone who want to know somthing about our plans as travelagencies and you have question to ask .. well .. i guess every body in here will be pleased to help you .. so come on .. step on and welcome.


Well since rules are every thing in our job i guess as a caffe we can have less rules .. write any thing you want about your career at your agency and if you are not a travel agent you can ask us about our services or any informations you could need from us as proffetionals ..
and i want to ask you pls no large pictures maximum 200x200 (max 3 pictures at one comment )you wont need any more trust me ... and PLS we all are colleges in here so be polite.

Tank you for reading cafully ..
The community moderator


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